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(1972 Usa issue)
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The Menomonee Falls Gazette 14
Cover artist: Russ Manning (from story art)
Country/language: Mini usa.gif USA / English
Format: 29 × 42 cm
Pages: 16 pgs, b/w
Publishing date: March 13, 1972
Editor: Jerome Sinovec
Publishing company: Street Entreprises
Preceded by: The Menomonee Falls Gazette #13
Followed by: The Menomonee Falls Gazette #15


Mandrake stories

(strips from March 6 to March 11, 1972 // nb: In the issue, "Mandrake the Magician" is signaled as being published, at the time in the U.S.A., in "165 dailies and 79 Sundays" newspapers).

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