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Regarding the daily story "The Wonder That Amazed the World" (D147) , the actual title is "Kolosso" I have this strip and this is the correct title printed on the strip.

The title "The Wonder..." are taken from But you are right, "Narda and the Cats" ends with Next Week: New Adventure and D147 starts with Beginning: Kolosso. So we should change the title for D147. (tcc)

Yes. You're absolutely right. I think we should eventually revise the daily/sunday lists as they were copied from the deep woods site and are far from official. D#083 should probably be called "U-Hunt" instead of "The Mysterious Mesa", D#129 - "The Sign of 8" maybe should be splitted in two as the first 3 1/2 weeks is a different story altogether about the origins of Xanadu, S#111 should be called "The Mystery of Hojo" instead of "Hojo's Scret", S#113 "The College of Magic" instead os "The Hidden College of Magic" and so on. We also have some daily fillers like the first three weeks of D#238 - The Missing Aviatrix that maybe should be indexed separately. (Lothar)

I will change "The Wonder..." to Kolosso. And you are right about the other stories Lothar. We should change them also. (tcc)

Yes, you can download some of these stories in my blog. As you must know the title of the story usually comes in the last strip of the previous story or in the first strip of the current story. D#129 is a problem though as the Xanadu story doesn't have a title (I think) and ends in the middle of a week. (Lothar)

I have changed the titles for D#083, S#111 and S#113. OK. (Lothar)

  • D#129 and D#238 both start with "filler" stories - Perhaps we can index them as "Filler stories" ? Xanadu and For Those Who Came In Late ?

Not sure if Xanadu should be considered a filler or a story on its own. Agree for "For Those Who Came In Late". (Lothar)

  1. Will change For those Who .... after work tomorrow. (tcc)

I believe a note would do nicely. (Lothar)

  1. Will add a note after work tomorrow. (tcc)
  • D#143 could also be splitt into Karma's Adventure Pt.1: Karma and the Cobra 8 weeks and Karma's Adventure Pt.2: The Kidnapping of Karma 12 weeks ?

Don't think so. No "next week new adventure" in between stories. (Lothar)

  1. OK (tcc)
  • D#160 could also be split into The Thieves 6 weeks and The Thieves Pt.2: The Amazing Cube 24 weeks.

Same as above. (Lothar)

  1. OK (tcc)
  • Something also with D#169, D#172, D#173-D174 and D#225-D#228, but we can discuss them later.

OK. (Lothar)

For the Sundays I wonder if:

  • f3 "The Annoying" (filler page) should be rename to The Bully.

Not sure. Where do "The Annoying" title come from anyway? (Lothar)

  1. Most of the filler page titles was translated by me (from Italian/French) years ago.

Aften reading the english "originals" I find my old translating not perfect (tcc)

  • f16 "The Swordfish" (filler page) should be renamed "The Flame Pearls Pt.4: The Swordfish.

Guess so. As it's a two strips story. (Lothar)

  1. Will change after work tomorrow. (tcc)
  • and if first page of "Mystery of the Girls with Red Hair" should be f16 A Day in the City (filler page).

You mean the last strip of Pacifica (Nov. 1st, 1942)? Agree. (lothar)

  1. Yes... will change after work tomorrow. (tcc)

Several more, but we can discuss them later. (tcc)

Consistent columns across tables

I have changed the table structure for "Re-releases of previous daily stories" section to match the structure of the other tables on the page (Ex-# column is moved to the right). The reason is that I have an automated script that reads this page to generate the story listing at (on the web page, see the left bar named "For those who came in late..."). Can we please retain this table structure as it will help me out a lot? Plus, I think it helps the wiki readers to quickly see the writer/artist pair for the re-published stories. We just need to be careful while copy/pasting the info for new re-published stories. --AmanKing (talk) 13:32, 27 January 2016 (UTC)