Spotlight on Fred Fredericks - Other Comics - Under the Stars and Bars

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Under the Stars and Bars by Fred Fredericks ran for two years, from November 28, 1960 to January 20, 1962. The Confederate strip from the American Civil War history was syndicated by Adcox Associates Inc.. This was one of several historical strips done by Fredericks before being tapped for duty on Mandrake.

In newspapers

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Title Period From Comment
The Atlanta Constitution ?
The Birmingham News February to April, 1961 Birmingham, Alabama
Charlotte Observer ?
Dallas Times Herald ?
Durham Herald ?
Fort Worth Star Telegram ?
Greensboro Record ?
Houston Post ?
The Clarion-Ledger February 20, 1961 to January 20, 1962 Jackson, Mississippi
Monroe Morning World March 25 (?), 1961 to January 20, 1962 Monroe, Louisiana
Nashville Banner ?
Shreveport Journal ?
Winston-Salem Journal ?