Serie-pocket (Norway)

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Seriepocket no-001.jpg
First issue
Country/language: Mini norway.gif Norway / Norwegian
Publishing company: Romanforlaget
Publishing years: 1981–1983
Issues: ongoing
Format: 17,5 x 12,5 cm,
18 x 13 cm
b/w /sepia

Serie-pocket was a Norwegian series of pocket books published by Romanforlaget since 1972, by Semic Nordisk Forlag since 1974, and later on by Egmont Serieforlaget AS. This series features various comics, with "Mandrake" being published in a total of 8 books. As of 2015, the series is still being published with over 281 books to date, but no Mandrake books have been published since the year 1992.

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