Selami Münir Yurdatap

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Selami Münir Yurdatap
Biographical information
Born: 1910 in Tripoli, Libya
Died: 1987
Nationality: Mini turkey.gif Turkey / Turkish
Occupation: Writer

Selami Münir Yurdatap was one of the most prolific authors of cheap popular fiction in Turkey.

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Mandrake the Magician by Selami Münir Yurdatap

Title Magazine Note
"Mandrake - Sihirbazlar Kralı" A 1940 booklet by the publisher Güven Basımevi probably a novelization of the film serial Mandrake the Magician
"Sihirbazlar Kralı Mandrake İstanbulda" A 1943 booklet by the publisher ?
"Tarzan ve Mandrake Mücadelesi"