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Pacific Comics Club is a American comic publisher, founded by Tony Raiola after having moved to USA from Europe in 1975. Its specialized in comics from the American Golden Age, including The Phantom, Secret Agent X-9, Prince Valiant, Steve Canyon, Li'l Abner, Mandrake the Magician and several others.

Mandrake books have been released at three occasions:

  • In 1976 by Comics Stars in the World and Pacific Comics Club as part of their series The Golden Age of the Comics.
  • In 1993 by Pacific Comics Club as part of their reprint of Feature Book series.
  • In their "The Classic Mandrake Series".

Issue overview


The 1976 series

The 1993 series

The Classic Mandrake Series

The Classic Mandrake Series (second series)

The Daily Strips Mandrake Series

The Sunday Pages Mandrake Series