Olam Apele

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Olam Apele
עולם הפלא in Hebrew
First issue
Country/language: Mini israel.gif Israel / Hebrew
Publishing company: Davar Liladim
Children's illustrated weekly
Publishing years: 1956
Issues: 11
Format: ? × ? cm, b/w

Issue overview

Regular series

Olam Apele (Wonder World) is apparently a continuation of the "Nimrod" comic magazine. It used a similar format with black and white printing and also featured King Features characters such as Mandrake the Magician (מנדריק הקוסם in Hebrew), Brick Bradford, and The Phantom. Each of them was given a page in each issue (sometimes a half page). The cover page was always devoted to the featured character, "Flash Gordon", although issue 6 also shared the cover page with "The Phantom". The Mandrake stories are: ותעלומת החרב "The Tomb" and באיים הקריביים "The Caribbean Mystery".

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