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First issue
Country/language: Mini chile.gif Chile / Spanish
Publishing company: Editorial Zig Zag
Publishing years: 1949-1965
Issues: 850
Format: 28,5 x 21 cm, b/w, sepia & color for last issues

Okey was a comic book series published by Editorial Zig Zag in Chile.


"Okey" was published between 1949 and 1965, with 850 numbers. The first issues of 1949 have 32 pages and half of which is devoted to comics.

Some series are finished and new ones take their place in the best positions published in the magazine (the cover, first pages, centerfold, and the last two pages).

Many genres make their appearance in the pages of "Okey"; science fiction series, pirate series, detective series, jungle series, western series, superheroe series, adventures series, humor series, and on.

Issue overview (Issues with Mandrake only)

Title US Title Issues Note
"El mundo de los monstruos" "The Experiment" 350,
"Sucedio en el reino de morania" "Michael" , 371,
"El misterio de la casa vecina" "The New Neighbors" 376,
"Mision secreta en el desierto" "The Decoy"
?? "The Little Fog"
"El burlador burlado" "Tub's Gang" 428,
?? "The Chess Kings"
?? "The Western"
"El misterio de la azotea" (?) "The Penthouse Mystery" 452,
?? "Lothar's Day"
"Jami" "Jami" 471
?? "The New-Type Radio"
?? "Employment Agency"
?? "Narda's Adventure"
?? "Tale of Detru"
?? "The Invisible Bandit"
"Muñecos humanos" "The Dollmaker" , 525
"La reina de los gatos" "Queen of the Cats" 526,
?? "The Strange Fisherman"
"El planeto del halcon" "The Spaceman Mystery" , 555
"Una heredera an apuros" "Shirlana" 556,
?? "Secret of Sargasso"
?? "Spooks"
?? "The Thief (The Time Traveller)"
"Los peced que hablan" "The Ambassador" , 617,
"El delincuente misterioso" "The Rockaby Thief" , 631,
"La chica del bikini" "Mystery of the Bikini Girl"
?? "The Fishing Trip"
?? "The Photo Mystery"
"Goliath" "Goliath" , 670,
?? "The Peddler (The Counterfeit Gang)"
?? "The City Jungle"
?? "Narda's TV Show"
?? "The Gamblers"
?? "The First Visitors"
?? "The Aftermath"
?? "Smuggler's Luck" , 742
"El extorsionista" "The Giant Toothache" 743,

Covers with Mandrake

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