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(Gedeone Malagola booklet)
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|Title=Mandrake the Magician<br>Compacto
new page same day as [["Mandrake the Magician - Compacto"]]
|image= [[Image:Mandrake the Magician - Compacto.jpg|200 px]]
|Coverartist= collage (from art story)  
|Country= [[Image:mini_brazil.gif]] Brazil / Portuguese
|Format= 21.6 x 31.5 cm
|Pages= 122 pgs, b/w
|Date= ?
|Publisher= Gedeone Malagola
|Editor= Gedeone Malagola
|Preceded= [[Mandrake the Magician - O Livro!|''Mandrake the Magician - O Livro!'']]
|Followed= none
== Contents ==
=== Chapters ===
* "[[Phil Davis]] - O artista"
* "Mandrake entrevista" ([[Lee Falk]] interview by Hal Schuster)
* "Mandrake 1...2...3...lendas" (presenting characters: Basil, Theron, Lenore, Lothar, Karma, Aleena and Narda)
* "Mandrake no Mad!" (about parody "Manduck the Magician" by Will Elder) 
* "Mandrake dominicais" (about the 10 first Sunday Pages stories)
* "Lee Falk the Magician" (views by various authors)
* "Mandrake the Magician" (by [[Fred Fredericks]] / reproduction of story "A cidade fantasma" = ("[[Ghost Town]]")
* "Dimensào X" (about story "Chamber into the X Dimension" with Sunday pages b/w reproduction/ some original pages missing) 
* "Sunday by Fred Fredericks" (with story "Lotario na feira" = ("[[The Three Brothers]]") ; however several sunday ages are missing)
* "Mandrake no Brasil" (about Brazilian publications)
* "Mandrake no cinema" (1939 Mandrake serial movie  but also about 1931 "Chandu the Magician")
* "A ilha dos rocas" (story ("[[Roc Island]]") complete)
* "Mandrake no Brasil" (second part of above chapter #9)
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