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Mandrake Magcian Club was a premium for Taystee Bread, the sponsor of the Mandrake the Magician Radio Show early 40s.


It is unknown if the Mandrake Magcian Club was active during the whole period of the Mandrake radio serial (November 11 1940 to February 6 1942), but it was active in 1941. Those who wanted a membership in the club filled out a mailing card and sent it to Mandrake the Magician co Taystee Bread. These cards were probably obtained from the local grocer of "Taystee Bread", or premiums when one bought a "Taystee Bread".

The front promotes the radio serial while top back printed text reads:

  • "Dear Mandrake I Would Like To Be A Member Of Your Mandrake Magicians Club So I Can Obtain The Club Pin And Learn How To Do Magic Tricks".

Below the text one can fill out the applicant's name and address plus those of three friends, the name of grocer and the name of the applicant's school.

Membership Package

When the applicant had sent the mailing card he soon received his membership package in the mail. There were at least two versions of the welcome card, with slightly different text. The club members must have been disdained by mothers in the neighborhood autumn 1941. due to member liability at one of the welcome card: "Please also remember that in joining my club you gave me your word of honor to get three ladies to try Taystee Bread for one week. I am counting on you to keep this pledge and make sure, by checking these ladies again and again if necessary, that they do give Taystee Bread a fair one-week trial."

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