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Mandrake Magazine
First issue
Country/language: Mini brazil.gif Brazil / Portuguese
Publishing company: Saber
Publishing years: 1953-1983
Issues: 325
Format: vari, b/w & color

Mandrake was a series of Mandrake comics published by RGE in Brazil.


Initially titled Mandrake Magazine, RGE started the series in 1953, on a bi-monthly schedule, reverting to a monthly schedule in 1961. One of the longest running Mandrake series in the world, it lasted 30 years and 325 issues. Numbers 1 through 231 were published in the larger "american" format (17 x 26 cm) while numbers 232 thru 325 were published in a smaller format (13,5 x 20,5 cm).

The stories came mainly from daily and Sunday newspaper strip stories, but RGE also produced their own Mandrake stories.

Due to the lack of stories at the time, issue 181 had a Dan Barry's Flash Gordon adventure totally retouched with Flash becoming Mandrake and Dale becoming a cousin of Narda!

Issue overview

issues 1 to 99

issues 100 to 199

issues 200 to 299

issues 300 to 325