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=== Other comics===
=== Other comics===
*"En service d'etaché" by ? (war story)
*"En service détaché" by ? (war story)
*"Flash Gordon", ''L'abominable yeti'' by Mac Raboy.
*"Flash Gordon", ''L'abominable Yeti'' by Mac Raboy.
*"Et le brouillard se leva" by ?
[[Category:Mandrake (Mondes Mystérieux) issues|Mandrake (Mondes Mystérieux) 314]]
[[Category:Mandrake (Mondes Mystérieux) issues|Mandrake (Mondes Mystérieux) 314]]

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Mandrake #314
Cover artist: Mario Caria
Country/language: Mini france.gif France / French
Format: 15 cm × 21 cm
Pages: 60 pgs, color
Publishing date: April 29, 1971
Editor: unknown
Publishing company: Editions des Remparts
Preceded by: Mandrake #313
Followed by: Mandrake #315

Mandrake #314.


Mandrake stories

Other comics

  • "En service détaché" by ? (war story)
  • "Flash Gordon", L'abominable Yeti by Mac Raboy.