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Editorial Lord Cochrane was Chilean publisher, located in Santiago de Chile.

Between 1966 and 1968, they published several comics-books with Usa material like "Mandrake the Magician, "El Fantasma" "The Phantom", "Henry", "El Recluta" ("Beetle Bailey"), "Agente Secreto X-9" ("Secret Agent X-9"), "Popeye el Marino" ("Popeye the Sailor"), "El Principe Valiante" ("Prince Valiant"), "Rip Kirby", "El Gato Felix" ("Felix the Cat"), "Rey de la Policia Montada" ("King of the Mounted Police"), "Jim de la Selva" ("Jungle Jim"), "Flash Gordon", "Brick Bradford"...

Mandrake the Magician publications published by Editorial Lord Cochrane

Serialized "Mandrake" titles

Title Year(s) Issues
Mandrake el mago (Lord Cochrane) 1968 20

As backup title

Title Issues
Flash Gordon (Lord Cochrane) 3 (18 in total)