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Le journal de Mickey (post war series / first issue in June 1952 and still running) is a French weekly comic-book published by Hachette editions and mainly devoted to the comics characters created by the "Walt Disney Company" staff.


This series is following the one previously released between 1934 and 1942 by Paul Winkler, the man at the head of the Press agency Opera Mundi which was the European largest feature syndicate.

In this current "Le journal de Mickey" series, Paul Winkler was still active in the editor staff for many years and his Opera Mundi Agency (which ceased its activities en 1990) furnished the classical comics coming from American print syndicates companies, such as "King Features Syndicate".

"Mandrake the Magician" has been featured, without interruption, from issue # 938 (June 7, 1970) to issue # 1791 (October 21, 1986) and in some others issues between 1986 and 1988. On the whole, it represents 35 dailies stories and 81 Sunday pages stories.

Unsold issues were later rebound in their original chronological publishing order.

Mandrake stories in "Le Journal de Mickey"

Issue (s) Title US title note
938 to 940 "L'île de la peur" "Fear Island"
940 to 942 "Expédition dans la jungle" "Jungle Adventure"
943 to 945 "Le maître du son" "Jungle Adventure"
945 to 950 "La route périlleuse" "Jungle Adventure"
951 to 953 "La baleine fantôme" "The Ghost Whale"
954 to 959 "Les Vénusiens" "The Spaceship to Venus"
960 to 964 "Tabouland" "Taboo Land"
965 to 969 "Le monde Z" "The Doorway to Z"
969 to 971 "Les voleurs sous-marins" "The Hide-out"
972 to 976 "Les hommes des nuages" "The Visitors"
977-978 "Les centaures" "The Ocean Wind"
978-979 "Les forbans du ciel" "The Ocean Wind"
980 to 982 "Le maître des baleines" "The Ocean Wind"
982 to 984 "Les fleurs étranges" "The Sleeping Forest"
984-985 "Les sirènes" "The Sleeping Forest"
985 to 987 "L'île du géant" "Isle of the Giant"
988 to 991 "Le papillon venu d'ailleurs" "Universal Love"
991 to 995 "Le mystère de l'île noire" "Magnetic Island"
995 to 998 "Les Jupitériens" "The Castaway"
998 to 1002 "La cité sous-marine" "City in the Deep"
1002 to 1008 "Le mont des sorciers" "Witchman's Peak"
1008 to 1013 "Le monde X" "The Place Called X"
1013 to 1016 "Le Dieu-Tonnerre" "The Mesa"
1016 to 1020 "Le monstre des cavernes" "The Watcher"
1020 to 1022 "Le cheval voleur" "The Horse Thief"
1022 to 1028 "Le monstre des neiges" "The Abominable Snowman"
1028 to 1031 "Le photographe diabolique" "The Demon Photographer"
1031 to 1036 "Les voleurs d'eau" "The Water Pirates"
1036 to 1040 "La conférence au sommet" "The Summit Conference"
1040 to 1046 "Menace cosmique" "The Space Thing"
1047 to 1053 "Un vol incroyable" "The Diversion"
1053 to 1062 "Les tests" "Task Test"
1062 to 1075 "La planète bleue" "The Trade Commission (The Blue Planet)"
1075 to 1087 "Le fantôme amoureux" "The Ghost Lover"
1087 to 1097 "La doublure" "The Double"
1097 to 1111 "Le banni" "The Castaway"
1112 to 1127 "La taupe" "The Mole"
1127 to 1138 "L'étranger venu de la mer" "The Traveller's Tale"
1139 to 1154 "Le retour du Cobra" "The Cobra Returns"
1155 to 1163 "Inter-Intel contre les bas-fonds" "The Underworld vs. Inter-Intel"
1164 to 1173 "Les astropirates" "The Astro Pirates"
1174 to 1182 "La grande panne" "The Blackout Caper"
1182 to 1193 "Mandrake rencontre Lothar" "The Meeting of Mandrake and Lothar"
1193 to 1203 "Le baron Chance" "The Game of Chance"
1203 to 1214 "Les Babous" "Invasion of the Babu"
1215 to 1222 "Le retour de Chance" "Second Chance"
1222 to 1230 "Le pari" "The All or Nothing Hunt"
1231 to 1242 "Conflit galactique" "The Galactic Rumble"
1242 to 1251 "Les envahisseurs" "The Invaders"
1250 to 1258 "Le château des monstres" "The 3D Monster"
1259 to 1267 "Le vent solaire" "The Solar Wind"
1267 to 1276 "Mystère au fond des mers" "The Mystery"
1277 to 1280 "Le secret d'Hojo" "The Mystery of Hojo"
1280 to 1286 "Le requin" "The Shark"
1287 to 1293 "L'école de magie" "The College of Magic"
1294 to 1299 "Le monstre de l'espace" "The Space Pack"
1300 to 1305 "Le trésor de l'Inca" "The Garden of the Inca"
1306 to 1312 "L'homme éternel" "Emile, Emir of Emmo"
1312 to 1320 "La tornade bleue" "The Blue Thing"
1320 to 1326 "Le basilisk" "The Basilisk"
1327 to 1332 "La tête en pierre" "The Mystery of the Stone Face"
1332 to 1334 "Promenade au parc" "Lothar's Walk in the Park"
1335 to 1337 "Le voleur" "The Mystery of Inter-Intel"
1337 to 1340 "Dettes de jeu" "Fun with Mandrake"
1341 to 1347 "L'étrange voyage" "Return to X"
1348 to 1364 "L'annivesaire de mariage" "Galaxy War"
1364 to 1369 "La ville morte" "Ghost Town"
1370 to 1373 "L'homme lourd" "Heavy"
1374 to 1377 "La tête géante" "The Giant Head"
1378 to 1380 "Les voleurs de l'université" "Moxley University Robbers"
1381 to 1385 "La cité sous les sables" "Prairie Man"
1386 to 1391 "L'homme sauvage" "Mysterious Bigfoot"
1392 to 1397 "La dame mystérieuse" "Old Folks"
1397 to 1401 "La fête foraine" "The Three Brothers"
1402 to 1409 "Le milliardaire" "Mr Ttazz"
1409 to 1418 "L'empereur de la terre" "Narq's Conquest"
1419 to 1425 "Le cheik Ali" "Mandrake and Ali-Petro"
1426 to 1437 "L'homme-papillon" "The Butterfly Man"
1438 to 1445 "La machination" "The Chief"
1445 to 1460 "A travers le miroir" "Return of the Mirror People" censored version
1460 to 1472 "L'Equipe" "The Team"
1473 to 1483 "L'inventeur" "The Odd Fellow"
1484 to 1502 "La ligue des 8" "The Sign of 8"
1502 to 1514 "L'intrépide héritière" "The Witches"
1514 to 1526 "La soucoupe volante" "The UFO"
1526 to 1538 "Sur la piste du 8" "The Trail of 8"
1539 to 1553 "Le retour du Cobra" "The Return of Evil"
1554 to 1565 "Le marchand de sable" "The Secret Weapon Caper"
1566 to 1577 "Les surdoués" "The Mysterious Bureau"
1578 to 1590 "Le professeur Dell" "Dr Dell and 8"
1590 to 1601 "Crise de l'or" "The Gold Crisis"
1601 to 1612 "Les démoniaques" "The Evil Ones"
1612 to 1623 "Le siège de Xanadu" "Battle of Xanadu"
1623 to 1635 "Le collectionneur" "The Connoisseur"
1635 to 1648 "Le cinquième bras des 8" "The Bribe"
1649 to 1660 "Le cube de cristal" "The Cobra Strikes (The College of Magic)"
1661 to 1675 "Le rat" "Karma's Adventure"
1679 to 1683 "La fillette" "Hojo's Tale"
1705 to 1707 "Les chats" "Narda and the Cats"
1723-1724 "Les traqueurs" "The Mission"
1735 "Les parfums du professeur Xoz" "Dr Xoz Prof. of Smells"
1747-1748 "Le maître des têtes" "The Incredible Thief"
1751 "Les évadés" "Magic Man"
1761 "Les machines folles" "Super-Elec"
1770 "L'homme insecte" "The Bug Man"
1773 "Le requin" "Super Shark"
1783 "Le secret de Hojo" "The Mysterious Chief"
1786 "La machination" "The Frame-Up"
1791 "Cap sur Mars" "Mirage in Space"
1814 "Le diable danseur" "The Demon Dancer"
1819 "Les pirates du cosmos" "The Ratmen of Rodencia"
1824 "Le cheval qui volait" "Mandrake's Gangster Gallery" part only
1864 "La faille des Atlantes" "The Attalan Deep"
1874 "Les oiseaux roc" "Roc Island"
1882 "Le lys bleu" "The Blue Bandit"
1897 "Le danger venu des arbres" "The Mystery of the Big Trees"