Las Grandes Aventuras: Merlin el Mago Moderno 25

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Los Ladrones de Petroleo
con Merlín el Mago Moderno
LGA Merlin el Mago Moderno-25.jpg
Cover artist: unknown
Country/language: Mini spain.gif Spain / Spanish
Format: 21 x 32 cm
Pages: 10 pgs, b/w
Publishing date: 1946
Editor: unknown
Publishing company: Hispano Americana
Preceded by: Merlín #24
Followed by: Merlín #26


Mandrake stories

Back cover

The back page advertises for the four "Album Rojo" issues, and with the fifth issue coming soon. Also ad for the 1947 Almanaques for "Jorge y Fernando", "Juan Centella" and "El Hombre Enmascarado".