La Nación (Costa Rican newspaper)

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La Nación was an Costa Rica newspaper, founded on October 12, 1946 and published in San José (Costa Rica).

It has published "Mandrake the Magician" Sunday strip at least from August 1975 to November 1991, more often in its Saturday edition.

The current newspaper belongs to the "Grupo Nación" which also owns several natioal newspapers and magazines as well as radio stations.It also owns some important newspapers in Panama and Guatemala. At the time being, the newspaper includes various supplements concerning domains like cultural life, television, entertainment...

Published stories

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Original story title Start date End date Comment
"Centre Stage Terror" ? December 18, 1982
"Prince Nasdaq" December 25, 1982 ?


  • The newpaper dated July 8,1976 contains a four page article intilted "Los dos heroes de Lee Falk" by Josette Alvarado de Exprúa.

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