Jean Frisano

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Jean Frisano
Biographical information
Born: 1927
Died: 1989
Nationality: Mini france.gif France
Occupation: Cover artist
Website: n/a

Jean Frisano was a French cover artist.


Jean Frisano was born in 1927 and died in 1989 and was a French artist who, at the beginning of his career, drawn several of the covers of the series Mandrake, Roi de la magie released by the publisher SAGE, a part of them being also drawn in collaboration with his brother Pierre Frisano, the both of them signing sometimes with the common short name of Sano. For the same Company, he also did covers on "Le Fantôme du Bengale" publications. Occasionnaly he also drew some pencils on others comics’ characters (for instance an adaptation of the famous Alexandre Dumas book "The Three Musketeers").

In the fifties, he worked on many covers of popular French "small format series" such as "Mustang", "Yuma", "Nevada", and "Blek".

He later worked with success on original covers of French edition "Lug" issues which mainly published series from Marvel superheroes material, the more popular being the "Strange" and "Fantask" series released in the eighties.

Mandrake work by Jean Frisano