Il fumetto 2/1978

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Il fumetto #2/1978 (second series)
Cover artist: Attilio Micheluzzi
Country/language: Mini italy.gif Italy / Italian
Format: 25 × 34 cm
Pages: 68 pgs, b/w
Publishing date: May 1978
Editor: Camillo Conti & Franco Grillo
Publishing company: ANAF
Preceded by: Il fumetto #1/1978
Followed by: Il fumetto #3/1978

Review about comics edited by the association ANAF.


Article about Mandrake (with illustrations)

  • "Mandrake the Magician - Un mago in marsina" by Nicola Pesce e Gianfranco Bartolani : (4 pages : Presentation / "Mandrake in Italia: 1° The Daily strips, 2° The Sunday pages) + (6 pages : Chronology of the Daily stories and of the Sunday stories, updated to January 1975 with mention of each Italian publication.

Other articles

  • "Treviso prende il largo" by Gianni Brunoro
  • "Micheluzzi visto da Micheluzzi"
  • "Corriere dei Piccoli" by Giorgio Salvucci (story of the popular pre-war magazine with chronology of the stories / 13 pages)
  • "Zambo il gigante della Martinica " by G. M. Traverso (chronology of the 1946 Italian comic/ 3 pages)
  • "L"occhio indiscreto" by G.M Traverso (about Romolo Siena, Italian cartoonist / 1 page)
  • "L'hobby di Bonadimani e'far fumetti" by G.C.Cuccolini (about Roberto Bonadimani, Italian cartoonist / 3 pages)
  • "I predoni dell'Argentina"(about the 1912 novel by Ruggero Castelbruno)
  • News about current comics Italian reprints (5 pages)
  • "Cino e Franco sunday pages, un capolavoro dell'editoria" (about "Tim Tyler's Luck) by Rodolfo Bernardini (1 page).

Comics reprints

  • "Brick Bradford", Soci Sconosciuti (last part) by Paul Norris
  • "Brick Bradford", Il caso delle liane maligne (complete story) by Paul Norris


  • A separate supplement - with a reprint of the comic "Geky Dor" by Andrea Lavezzolo and Andrea Bresciani - was published in June 1978 was linked for the subscribers of "Il fumetto" (14 pages, b/w).