Grando the Great

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Grando the Great
Grando the Great-01.jpg
First appearance: "Derek"
Created by: Lee Falk and Phil Davis

Grando the Great is a character from the Mandrake the Magician comic strip that first appeared in "Derek".

Fictional Character Biography

Grando was long believed to be the father of Mandrake and Derek. He told Mandrake and Derek that their mother died shortly after they were born. Grando never remarried.

Grando the Great was one of the cleverest and best stage magicans of his time. When the twins were old enough they became Grando's assistants, and they grew up in the theatre. From the time the twins could walk, Grando taught them all the tricks of his trade. Grand favored Mandrake and Derek became intensly jealous, and was the start of their rivalry and controversy.

Grando took his magic act around the world and reached India, the magicians "paradise", and learned where the masters of illusion could be found. In a hidden vally in mystery shrouded Tibet; the College of Magic. Grando become ill and died shortly after, when the twins were only 12 years old. Mandrake and Derek studied at the CM for 6 years and left the College at age 18.

There is also another description on the arrival to the College of Magic: Mandrake was twelv years old and Derek ten when their father took them to the ancient College of Magic in Tibet. Their father was a graduate of the College himself and asked Theron if he could take care of his boys, shortly after he died. Mandrake studied at the CM for 10 years, and Derek left CM after seven years.

Notable appearances

Some of the stories where Grando the Great has featured most prominently are:

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Derek" Falk Davis Grando the Great, father of Mandrake and Derek
"Master of Magic" Falk Davis