George Camitz

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George Camitz
Biographical information
Born: 1922
Died: 1970
Nationality: Mini sweden.gif Swedish
Occupation: Cover Artist
Website: n/a

George Camitz (1922 – 1970) was a Swedish illustrator.


Camitz is known for his covers for various magazines like Fantomen, Levande Livet and the Mandrake Chistmas albums by the publisher Åhlén & Åkerlunds. Camitz also did various other illustrationes for magazines like Levande Livet and in books like Elddop i luften (Pojkarnas flygbok) by Vitorin Harald.

In 1956 he did take over his family's business. He continued to produced cartoons for a local newspaper under the pseudonym Don Camillo.

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Mandrake work by George Camitz


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