François Batet

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François Batet
Biographical information
Born: September 21, 1921
Died: December 5, 2015
Nationality: Mini brazil.gif Spanish/French
Occupation: Cover artist
Website: N/A

François Batet was a Spanish artist, mainly known for his illustration work for the childhood and youth literature books published by the French "Hachette" publishing house.


François Batet - pseudonym of Francisco Batet Pellejero - was born on September 21, 1921 in Barcelona (Spain), ​​and died December 5, 2015.

He took painting lessons at the "Academia Tárrega", a Art school in Barcelona. Until 1951 he drew the comic strip "El Coyote", written by José Mallorquí before settling in France where he worked as an illustrator for various newspapers and periodicals (such as "France-Soir", "France Dimanche", "Confidences").

He then turned to the illustration of children's novels, notably for the Hachette Editions like the ones entitled "Bibliothèque rose", "Bibliothèque verte" and "Idéal-Bibliothèque" collections. It illustrates in particular many novels by Jules Verne as well as several classics of the adventure novel.

From 1977, he devoted himself to painting with a favorite theme taken from the art deco style life of the 1920's decade.

Although he did not have a direct connection with the comic "Mandrake the Magician"", he did drew for the French publisher SAGE, the four first covers ot the series "Roy Rogers" in which Mandrake is featured.

Covers by François Batet

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