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Die Huisgenoot ("The House Companion" in Afrikaans language) is a family magazine published in Cape Town, South Africa, by "Media24", the print media arm of the South African media company "Naspers" - now an multinational internet and media group. The magazine was founded as "De Huisgenoot" in 1916. It later took the title "Die Huisgenoot", a more Afrikaans-sounding presentation (the current name is now reduced to "Huisgenoot" only). It has the highest circulation figures of any South African magazine.

  • Sunday pages of Mandrake the Magician" appeared in "Die Huisgenoot", under the name of "Walter die Wonderman", with a run expanding at least from 1957 to 1974. Each issue has one sunday page by week, in sepia or black and white. The stories were published in the original chronological order. Some stories were edited (less panels) in the last years.

Some Mandrake stories published in "Die Huisgenoot"

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Original story title Publishing year
"Universal Love" 1956
"Witchmen's Peak" 1957
"The Galactic Rumble" 1969
"The Mystery" 1971
"Fun with Mandrake" 1974