Derek, Mandrake's twin brother

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First appearance: "Derek"
Created by: Lee Falk and Phil Davis

Derek is a character from Mandrake comic strip that first appeared in "Derek".

Fictional Character Biography

Derek is Mandrake's twin brother. He uses his magical powers to achieve short-term personal satisfactions.

After a long conventional and mental battle Mandrake took the "power" from Derek. Although he still keept the skill of his hands and how to handle the cards. Now and then he worked at as magician at night-clubs - without the power and without the crime. And, in secret, he tried to get back his power


  • Theron, Derek's father
  • Luciphor, Derek's older half brother.
  • Mandrake, Derek's twin brother.
  • Lenore, Derek's younger half sister.
  • Eric, Derek's son (mother unknown).

Notable appearances

Some of the stories where Derek has featured most prominently are:


Title Writer Artist Comments
"Derek" Falk Davis Grando the Great, father of Mandrake and Derek
"Mandrake's Birthday" Falk Davis
"Master of Magic" Falk Davis Derek is 2 years younger than Mandrake
"The Evil Twin" Falk Fredericks
"Derek" Falk Fredericks
"Mandrake's Family" Falk Fredericks Theron is the father and Eleanore was the mother of Mandrake and Derek,
Basil the Great was their foster father
"Behind Death's Door" Falk Fredericks
"King Kered" Falk Fredericks
"Siege at Xanadu" Fredericks Fredericks
"Prisoner in Cell 13" Fredericks Fredericks Eric, son of Derek
"Idol with no Name" Fredericks Fredericks