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[[Category: Memorabilia| ]]
[[Category: Memorabilia| ]]

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Similar to souvenirs memorabilia are objects treasured for their memories. Unlike souvenirs memorabilia are valued for a connection to an event, in this case to Defenders of the Earth. Defenders of the Earth memorabilia include collectables as: books, postcards, posters, movie memorabilia, miniature figures, games, comics related merchandise, plus many others.

Books and Comic Books

Comic books

A short-lived comic book series published by "Star Comics" (an imprint of Marvel Comics).

The stories were later printed in UK.

Adapted prose stories, illustrated

In addition to the four-issue Marvel Comics miniseries, there have been books including:

Golden Books
Hippo Books
Golden Super Adventure Book

Reprinted in UK by Hippo Books in 1987.

Golden Story Book 'n' Tape

Theese two book also came out as audio books.



A line of action figures produced by Galoob in 1986:


Winston Toys

A line of action figures produced by Winston Toys in 1986:


Board Games

A book with 5 board games from Hippo Books 1987: Ice Robot, Battle with Mongor, Combat, Ming's Maze of Death, ?

Computer game

An action game released in 1990. The game was devloped by Enigma Variations and released by Hi-Tec Software, later also System4 and Erbe Software.

Card game

Trading cards envelope

Activity Books


Frame-Tray / Jigsaw Puzzles

Slide Puzzles

In 1985, Ja-Ru issued 3 slide puzzles: