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Since 2000 Dark Horse Comics released a series of statues sculpted by Yoe! Studio in their Classic Comic Character series.

The 47 statues in this series are made of resin or polystone, stands 2.5" to 6” tall, are fully painted, and ready to display. Each character is depicted in the clothes/costume/outfit that they wore in their respective comic strips. Each stands on a small tan circular base on which is printed the name of the character.

The Classic Comic Character series figurines were inspired by the "syroco" statues of the 1940s. Each statue is limited and numbered, and comes packaged in a litho-printed full-color tin box with a certificate of authenticity (sticker on bottom of tin), a booklet (about the character and the artist-creator), and a vintage-style pin-back button of the character. The number is hand written on the bottom of the statue and on a sticker (called a certificate) which is affixed to the bottom of the tin. The presentation of the figure is in the style of the 1940’s Syroco figure toys, resembling a distressed 1940’s wood/plastic/composite syroco toy. There is much less detail than usually seen on current statues/figurines, and the statute includes faux plastic mold seams and similar details. The original retail price of each figurine (with pin, booklet and tin) was $49.95.

Mandrake - Classic Comic Character #7

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The Classic Comic Characters Series

# Figurine Issues Note
1 Krazy Kat (by by George Herriman) 10
2 Popeye (by by E.C. Segar) 550
3 Prince Valiant (by by Hal Foster) 550
4 The Phantom (by Lee Falk) 750
5 Ignatz (from Krazy Kat by George Herriman) 750
6 Olive Oyl (from Popeye by E.C. Seagar) 750
7 Mandrake (by Lee Falk) 750
8 Li'l Abner (by Al Capp) 950
9 Daisy Mae (from Li'l Abner by Al Capp) 950
10 Dick Tracy (by Chester Gould) 950
11 Beetle Bailey (by Mort Walker) 950
12 Sarge (from Beetle Bailey by Mort Walker) 950
13 Little Orphan Annie (by Harold Gray) 950
14 Flash Gordon (by Alex Raymond) 950
15 Terry (from Terry and the Pirates by Milton Caniff) 950
16 The Dragon Lady (from Terry and the Pirates by Milton Caniff) 950
17 Fearless Fosdick (from Li'l Abner by Al Capp) 950
18 Felix the Cat (by Otto Messmer) 600
19 Dagwood (from Blondie by Chic Young) 600
20 Blondie (by Chic Young) 600
21 Smokey Stover (by Bill "Scat" Holman) 600
22 Wimpy (from Popeye by E.C. Segar) 600
23 Bluto (from Popeye by E.C. Segar) 600
24 Pogo (by Walt Kelly) 600
25 Albert (from Pogo by Walt Kelly) 600
26 Nancy (by Ernie Bushmiller) 600
27 Sluggo (from Nancy by Ernie Bushmiller) 600
28 Alley Oop (by V.T. Manlin) 600
29 Little Nemo (by Winsor McKay) 600
30 The Yellow Kid (by R.F. Outcault) 600
31 The Shmoo (from Li'l Abner by Al Capp) 600
32 Little Lulu (by Marjorie Henderson) 600
33 Tubby (from Little Lulu by Marjorie Henderson) 600
34 The Spirit (by Will Eisner) 600
35 Tarzan (by Hal Foster) 600
36 Ming the Merciless (from Flash Gordon by Alex Raymond) 600
37 Jeep (from Popeye by E.C. Segar) 600
38 Offissa Pup (from Krazy Kat by George Herriman) 600
39 Buck Rogers (by John F. Dille and Dick Caulkins) 600
40 Wilma Deering (from Buck Rogers by John F. Dille's and Dick Caulkins) 600
41 Popeye (by E.C. Segar) 65 with TNT muscle
42 Alice the Goon (from Popeye by E.C. Segar) 600
43 Gasoline Alley (by Frank King) 600
44 The Lone Ranger (by Fran Striker) 550
45 Tonto (from The Lone Ranger by Fran Striker) 550
46 Dennis the Menace (by Hank Ketcham) 550
47 Barney Google (by Billy DeBeck) 550

There are companion series of similar Dark Horse figurines for independent comic book characters, DC comic characters, Marvel comic characters and Archie Comics characters.

Complete series (boxes)