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Crítica Aventuras, founded in 1935, published "Mandrake the Magician" Sunday strip with the title "Soliman el Mago" in Argentina. It was the comics supplement of the Argentinian newspaper "Critica".


Subtitled "Magazine multicolor de aventuras", Crítica Aventuras was published in full color in a 8 pages presentation before becoming a 16 pages comics supplement.

Various local and American characters - such as "The Phantom" (renamed "Fantomas"), "Jungle Jim", "Ted Strong", "Bufalo Bill", "Flash Gordon", "Buck Rogers", "Tarzan", "Felix the Cat", "Donald Duck", "Buz Sawyer", "King of the Police Mounted", "Popeye", "Mickey Mouse" - were featured amongst others.

Published stories

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Original story title Start date End date Comment
"The Ghost Bear of Glass Mountain" #243: April 8, 1940 #257: July 15, 1940
? ? ?
"Mystery of the Girls with Red Hair" #?: 1943 #?: 1943