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Bulls Presstjänst (or Bulls Press) is a Swedish comics syndicate, and the current holder of the Swedish rights to license publishing of Mandrake the Magician (as well as several other characters including The Phantom, Popeye, Moomin, The Smurfs, Beetle Bailey, Modesty Blaise andFlash Gordon, among others)


"Bull's Presstjänst" was founded at Halden, in Norway, in 1927 by Cornelius Bull. In early 1929 its headquarters were transferred to Stockholm, Sweden.

At the outbreak of WWII it also had a bureau in Warsaw (Poland) to handle sales in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. The manager flee Warsaw in 1939 and under his direction a temporary office was set up in Oslo (Norway). With the aid of reproduction materials smuggled in from Sweden, publication of "the Phantom" and other comic strips was able to continue illegally throughout the duration of the German occupation.

In 1950 the news agency had bureaux in Oslo (Norway), Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsinki (Finland) and Frankfurt (Federal Republic of Germany). It also had bureaux in Warsaw and Prague, but closed these down in 1950.

Now, in addition to Sweden "Bulls" have bureaux in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Norway. In addition the UK is served from the office in Sweden.

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