Almanaque do Mandrake

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Almanaque do Mandrake
First issue
Country/language: Mini brazil.gif Brazil / Portuguese
Publishing company: RGE
Publishing years: 1955-1971
Issues: 17 (+5)
Format: vari, b/w and color

Almanaque do Mandrake and Almanaque de Férias do Mandrake was a series of Mandrake comics published by RGE in Brazil.

Issue overview

Regular series

The "Almanaque do Mandrake" was released in December to coincide with summer school vacations in Brazil. Some years a similar album, "Almanaque de Férias do Mandrake", was released in July to coincide with winter school vacations. In total 17 regular issues and 5 holiday issues were released.

2nd series

In 1979 a second "Almanaque do Mandrake" series was launched.