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ABC was an Italian weekly news magazine published by S.E.A. (Società Editoriale Attualità) and from 1967 by SO.GE.PE..

ABC (1960-1977)

ABC was founded by Gaetano Baldacci in Milan in June 1960.

Comics in ABC

In 1961 the magazine started to print: "La scuola dei Martini" (Bringing up Father) by Bill Kavanagh and Frank Fletcher and "Lord Orazio" (Mr. Abernathy) by Ralston Jones and Frank Ridgeway. From June 16 1963 to October 11 1964 "ABC" printed "ABC DEl RAGAZZI", a detachable insert with its own numbering.

At the same time in its cartoons pages "ABC" printed, from #46 1963 to #33 1964, "Feiffer" by Jules Feiffer. In #45 1964 there was a few strips of "Peanuts" and a photo of Charles Schulz for the release of "Il terzo libro di Charlie Brown" by Milano Libri. During the years 1964 to 1966 "ABC" printed the long saga of "L'Artiglio d'Acciaio" (The Steel Claw) by Jesus Blasco. In 1965 in addition also "Appartamento 3-G" by Alex Kotzsky. "ABC" also reprinted episodes from three paperbacks for adults during the years 1965-66; "007te Jambon", "Selene" by Marco Rostagno and "Alika" by Giorgio Gich.

From 1966 one find unpublished erotic-satirical series as; "Cronache di Ausonia" by Armando Bonate and "Justine" by Alcide Paolini and Marco Rota (1966-68), "Molly Velluto" by Sergio Frigerio (Sergio) and "Le disgrazie della virtù" by Marchese De Sade with artwork by Zepol (1968), "Robyns Hood" (1968) and "Segreto Professionale" (1969-70) by Franco Nebbia, Pino Giglioli and Marco Rota, "Lady Magic" by Marchesi and Gazzola and "La Ragazza Bicci - Storie all'italiana" by Misi (1971), "Lolly Strip" by Danie and George Pichard (1972-73), "Nella galassia di Dollar" by Studio Beta.

In 1975 one find "Le Storie by Renato Calligaro and in the tabloid format in 1976-77 cartoons of Wolinski, Reiser, Albani and Della Bella, Clod, Braschi and Francis Marinella.

Comic articles in ABC

"ABC" also deals with various articles about comics including; "Vi presentiamo Lord Orazio" (Anonimo, #27 1961), "Mandrake entra all'università" (Corrado Corradi, #24 1964), "Una maga a Milano" (P.C. #23 1973), "Una maga a Milano" (P.C #4 1974) and the heading "Fumetti" by the columnist Andrea Augusti (1975).


  • An illlustrated calendar 1967 by Carlo Jacono in issues 4 and 5 (1967)
  • "Sexoplay, il gioco della verità" (cards and board) issues 40 and 41 (1971)


  • "The Pornoleste", 64 pgs supplement at #51 1973 - cartoons Emanuel Diliberto.


"ABC" printed "ABC dei ragazzi", a detachable insert with its own numbering, from June 16 1963 to October 11 1964. "ABC dei ragazzi" printet various figures as; "Lone Ranger" by, Charles Flanders, "Mr. Abernathy" by F. Ridgeway, "The Steel Claw" by Jesus Blasco, "Valhardi" by Jijé, "Superman" by Wayne Boring, "Cesar" by Maurice Tillieux, "Agente segreto X9 by Mell Graff / Frank Robbins, "Dennis the menace" by Hank Ketcham, "Yoghi" and "The Flintstones" by Hanna-Barbera, "Mandrake the Magician" by Phil Davis, and others.

First series

The first issue of "ABC dei ragazzi" in "ABC" #24 1963, had 16 pages and the size 26 x 29 cm. The series run for 29 issues.

Mandrake stories in ABC dei ragazzi

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  • 1/1963 - 4/1963
  • 5/1963 - 12/1963

Second series

The second series of "ABC dei ragazzi" started in "ABC" #1 1964 and run for 41 issues with 16 pages and size 25,7 x 25,7 cm.

Third series

The third series of "ABC dei ragazzi" started in "ABC" #42 1964 and run for 63 issues, now with 4 pages in the middle of the magazine, as part of the "ABC". The heading "ABC dei ragazzi" was last to been seen in issue 17 of 1965.