Şahap Ayhan

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Ayhan Ali Şahabettin
Picture from biyografi.net
Biographical information
Born: 1926, Istanbul
Died: 2005
Nationality: Mini turkey.gif Turkish
Occupation: Artist
Website: n/a


Şahap Ayhan was an Turkish artist. From 1946 he and inker Ayhan Erer (under the pseudonym Ş. Ayhan E.) did several comics, among them also a Turkish story of the Phantom for the bi-weekly magazine 1001 Macera. After his military service in the late 1940s Ayhan continued his artist career on various publications.

Mandrake Stories by Şahap Ayhan

An early signed story by Ayhan, with few traced figures.

# Original title Pages Year
1 "Sihirbazlar Kıralı Mandrake: Bay Tekin’in Oğlu ile Karşı Karşıya" 26 strips 1944

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